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Retro Africa Gallery Presents ‘The Power of Choice: Is Love’ by Henri Abraham Univers

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“The Power of Choice: Is Love” invites the audience to reflect on the profound impact of individual choices in shaping our paths and the world around us. Through his work, Franco-Burkinase artist Henri Abraham Univers calls the audience to embrace truth and love while embodying light and contributing to the collective story of human redemption and divine connection.

Henri Abraham Univers, Guardian Angels Series, 2024, Acrylic on canvas, 152 x 148 cm

Henri’s work is characterised by individual subjects set against his signature star-filled backdrops on black signature star-filled backdrops on black backgrounds, symbolizing the universe and the cosmos. Every star is painstakingly hand-drawn, representing personal revelations about life and his message. This meticulous process underscores his emphasis on human dignity. His canvases, dominated by dark colors, are punctuated by bursts of brightness and light, highlighting moments of revelation and insight. As a French and Burkinase African artist, Henri embodies the love across races, a testament to our collective humanity. His work emphasize sour shared human dignity and collective inheritance as designed by an eternally true, good, and loving creator. This multicultural background is integral tohis art, reminding us that our intertwined identities enrich the tapestry of human existence.

‘The Power of Choice: Is Love’ at Retro Africa Gallery in Abuja, Image courtesy of Retro Africa Gallery’s Instagram.

Curated by Dolly Kola-Balogun, this exhibition reiterates the fundamental commandment of loving one’s neighbor. This divine directive calls the audience to extend love and compassion to one another, fostering a world illuminated by the light of love. Henri’s work features guardian angels who serve as beacons, guiding viewers through their struggles and reminding them of the constant, loving Presence that oversees their journey. This Presence encourages us to make choices that align with goodness and divine love, ultimately leading us toward a higher purpose and fulfilment.

“The Power of Choice: Is Love” opened on the 28th of June at Retro Africa Galery in Abuja, Nigeria and will run until the 9th of September 2024.

‘The Power of Choice: Is Love’ at Retro Africa Gallery in Abuja, Image courtesy of Retro Africa Gallery’s Instagram.

Lelethu Sobekwa was born in Gqeberha, South Africa. She holds a BA Honours in English and an MA in Creative Writing with distinction from Rhodes University. Lelethu currently writes for Art Network Africa.

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