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Random Photo Journal’s Ekó-systems Unites Africa Through Photography

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Ekó-systems, the latest title from Random Photo Journal, presents a vivid mosaic of Africa’s diverse everyday cultures and stories. Recognized as leaders of the new school on the African continent, photographers captured these moments with a unique blend of artistry and authenticity.

This collection spans Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Tanzania, and Uganda, celebrating and exploring these regions. Curated to showcase the continent’s beauty, Ekó-system also delves deep into Africa’s rich mix of fashion, traditions, architecture, and contemporary craftsmanship.

Photo by Random Photo Journal

Each photograph serves as a window into unique aspects of life, highlighting moments of joy, resilience, and everyday experiences. True to its name, Ekó-system focuses on the ecosystem of African photography, featuring African photographers sharing their interactions with their immediate environments. The book launched at Dikan Centre Accra and was exhibited at ArtXLagos in 2023, marking significant milestones.

For years, Random Photo Journal has stimulated consistent discussions on documentary photography and its intimate relationship with everyday life. This commitment is evident through insights from photographers and lens-based artists.

Founder and editor Arinzechukwu Patrick revealed that the album boasts over 200 captivating works about Lagos. These are complemented by short texts, essays, poems, fiction, and interviews from the Journal project, all highlighting themes of street photography, editorials, film, fashion, and lifestyle.

Random Photo Journal regularly engages these artists in conversations via the Random Journal Project, a platform designed to foster artist-friendly dialogue. This initiative aims to unify Africa through a broad community of photographers who share collective memories of places visited.

The Random Journal Project goes beyond conversation. It serves as a carefully crafted medium of dialogue that fosters African unification and sharpens understanding of the importance of photography as a culture and art form in Africa and the diaspora. Engaging with desired artists, the project creates a space where photography becomes a powerful tool for cultural expression and connection.

The Ekó-system project takes an experimental approach. It curates a collection of photography that showcases the continent’s beauty. It fully delves into its rich mix of fashion, traditions, architecture, and contemporary craftsmanship. Each photograph captures unique aspects of life, highlighting moments of joy, resilience, and everyday experiences that shape the continent.

The book’s launch at Dikan Centre Accra demonstrated its impact. The exhibition at ArtXLagos in 2023 further solidified its importance in the art community. Through these events, Ekó-system has reached a wider audience. It has been phenomenal in bringing Africa’s stories to the forefront of global art and culture discussions.

Random Photo Journal provides a platform for documentary photography, engaging photographers and lens-based artists to keep the dialogue vibrant. It unites a community of photographers, highlighting the cultural and artistic significance of photography in Africa and the diaspora.

Ekó-systems is more than a magazine; it’s a powerful narrative of Africa’s diverse cultures, captured by talented photographers. Random Photo Journal further ensures Ekó-systems’ stories inspire audiences globally. Committed to celebrating Africa’s rich life, they continue to explore its diversity, one photograph at a time.


Derrick Chidumebi is a creative writer and growth marketer hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria, and is the founder of The Eko Place, a media/marketing agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently, he serves as a writer for Art Network Africa.

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