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Museo Picasso Málaga to Showcase Monumental Installation by William Kentridge

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Museo Picasso Málaga will showcase a monumental video installation by renowned South African artist William Kentridge.

“More Sweetly Play the Dance”, 2015. Instalación de video HD de 8 canales, 15 minutos © William Kentridge (Photo credit: Studio Hans Wilschut. Courtesy Lia Rumma Gallery)

“More Sweetly Play the Dance” spans nearly forty meters and features an endless procession of moving figures. This installation highlights Kentridge’s distinctive style, celebrating each person’s individuality and examining how dance can counteract mortality.

The installation portrays people carrying their belongings, symbolizing migration driven by war, the search for utopias, or environmental dangers. This reflects Kentridge’s view that even with technological progress, human foot power remains a key mode of movement in the 21st century.

William Kentridge (Image courtesy: Marc Shoul)

Born in Johannesburg in 1955, William Kentridge is celebrated globally for his drawings, films, and theatre productions. He uses drawing, writing, film, performance, music, and theatre to create works that explore politics, science, literature, and history. This allows space for contradiction and uncertainty.

His art has graced venues such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid. Kentridge has also participated multiple times in Documenta and the Venice Biennale. His works are found in major museums and private collections worldwide.

William Kentridge, Self-Portrait as a Coffee Pot, Episode 1: A Natural History of the Studio (still), 2022. HD Video, 22: 03 minutes. Courtesy of William Kentridge Studio

His work blends various mediums and addresses South Africa’s colonial and apartheid legacies. He draws on film history and theatre training, with notable projects including the installations The Refusal of Time and More Sweetly Play the Dance, as well as the public art project, Triumphs & Laments. Kentridge has also received prestigious awards like the Kyoto Prize (2010) and honorary doctorates from Yale University (2013).

“More Sweetly Play the Dance” blends two essential elements of Kentridge’s work: dynamic imagery and collective human experience. The piece, from the Fundación Sorigué collection, will be on display at Museo Picasso Málaga from November to April.

Fundació Sorigué, a leading contemporary art institution in Spain, holds the most significant collection of Kentridge’s works in Europe, underscoring its role as a major supporter of his artistic career.


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